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Tips for Tanning

The best way to create and maintain a tan is by encouraging the melanocytes to produce more melanin and then drawing it to the top layers of skin and retaining and oxidising it there. This is done by exposing the skin via a series of tanning sessions which do not burn the skin. (Burning is actually counterproductive and harmful).

Fact: Applying a Cream is Recommended

After years of investigation in the effects of tanning on the skin, leading dermatologists recommend you apply a tanning cream before using a sunbed. Good skin care is essential for maximum tanning results and a faster, safer tan.

Fact... If a lotion is not applied, your skill will be dry and will actually reflect the tanning rays. In theory you will not receive the maximum tanning during the paid time. For example, During a 10 minute tanning session without a lotion it would equate to only 4 minutes with lotion. So by applying a good quality skin lotion you are: Caring for your skin, increase the life of your darker tan and getting the maximum value for your money! Ask at the reception desk to learn about our range of lotions.

Preparing your skin for holiday

Before facing hot climates on holiday, it is a great idea to allow your skin to establish its own natural SPF before you leave. You can achieve this by using visiting a Strawberry Glow salon.

When embarking on any trips, ensure to grab one of our fantastic SPF lotions, providing fantastic results whilst preventing sunburn.

Dr Giovannucci states that UV light is good for you but not in short intense doses, such as the exposure you get on holidays. Therefore we strongly promote regular and moderate tanning as a means of health and preparation against the holiday sun.

Technical reasons for using lotions

Dry skin reflects light giving you a surface tan which fades quickly. Hydrated skin allows UV rays to penetrate deeper,

giving you a longer lasting tan.

Using a Lotion increases the result of the tanning session by stimulating melanin production, maximising your tanning performance.

Protects the skin from losing moisture during the tanning session, lotion will hydrate the skin promoting anti-aging benefits.

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