Health and Responsible Tanning

Sunbeds have always attracted negative media attention, however the exposure to UV light is not the danger, it is the abuse of sunbeds and overuse where the problem lies. UV light is actually a vital ingredient to general well being. Absence of UV potentially can be more harmful than the moderate risk associated with UV exposure.

Below are some key points raised which endorses careful exposure to UV light...

  • Tanning Beds dramatically increases Vitamin D levels and bone mass
  • In 2006 Dr. Edward Giovannucci and colleagues determined that low Vitamin D levels cause 85,550 cancer deaths per year
  • Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to an increased incidence of schizophrenia and depression
  • Tanning bed use reduces chronic pain
  • Vitamin D has beneficial influences on obesity
  • Vitamin D has beneficial influences on osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and arthritis

People who are indoors for long periods of time are more prone to diseases associated with vitamin D deficiency. And since England's changable weather leaves us feeling left out of the light - Strawberry Glow's high-end range of sunbeds provide an excellent and viable supplement. The sunshine hysteria which the media have embedded in society, and indoor society we seem to be, present two strong factors deterring our generation away from the sun, for all the wrong reasons. Sunbeds are not harmful only the abuse of them is.

Responsible Tanning

As well as Strawberry Glow's high-end tanning equipment, our responsible approach to tanning and skin care complies with UK Health and Safety guidelines.

There are some simple rules you can follow to make the most of your sunbed experience, which can both optimise your tan and protect yourself from the danger of sunbeds. Whether you are a frequent tanner or just preparing for a special event, these guidelines should always be adhered to.

The most important thing to remember when using a sunbed is that there are limitations on how long your session should last. For a novice user or someone who is very fair skinned, freckled, burns easily and who doesn't naturally tan much in the sun the sessions should be kept very short. This is that a person's ability to tan is effected by the levels of melanin in their skin. A person with more melanin will find it easier to tan.

At Strawberry Glow we provide:

  • A responsible approach to tanning by prohibiting customers with unsuitable skin types (Such as skin type 1 - highly-freckled or moled) and only permitting over 18's to use our services.
  • Fully trained staff, to advise you as best as we can for maximum results within safe limits.
  • A personal consultation so we understand your skin type and any other factors which may need to be considered prior to services.
  • The most technologically advanced SunBeds the industry has to offer and Lamps that never exceed 80% of manufacturer's life expectancy.
  • A commitment to introduce sunbeds which are 0.3 euro norm compliant, providing UV output considered safe and equal to the midday Mediterranean sun by the European Union.
  • Under 18's are not permitted to use our UV services. FakeBake spray tan is an alternative option to UV tanning for under 18's.

We also strongly advise the following people do not use our UV tanning facilities: Pregnant Women, Diabetics, People who are hypo-sensitive to light, People with Skin Type 1, People who are currently under medical supervision or who are on prescribed medication / take any form of drugs.

The following people should seek medical advice before tanning, whether it is in the Sun or using artificial tanning:

  1. People who suffer from Epilepsy
  2. Suffer from dizziness or fainting
  3. Suffer from headaches or migraines
  4. People who have a heart condition
  5. Suffer from irregular blood pressure
  6. Hypo tension
  7. Prickly heat
  8. Any allergies
  9. Anyone who has skin ulcers or moles that change appearance
Sun Angel