Sunbeds - A selection from our premium sunbed range

Sun Angel Sunbeds


The most advanced and powerful sunbed in the World with no risk of sunburn. Innovative UV technology, standard comfort features and wonderful tanning results set's this bed apart from the rest.

Fifty-two UV lamps and four Ultra Performance facial tanners with a specialized UV-B lamp. The Sun angel measures your skin's UV light sensitivity and will only give your skin as much UV light that your skin can safely take.

The Ergoline Sun Angel: delivering individual tanning at it's best...


The pinnacle of tanning luxury and technology brought together in one sunbed. The P90 is a 12 minute holiday. This is the sunbed the other salons wish they could have.

• Canopy Lamps: 12 - 600W High Pressure, 3 - 1000W High Pressure
• Shoulder Lamps: 2 - 250W High Pressure
• Bench Lamps: 20 - 160W Plus
• Maximum tanning time - 12 Minutes

Ergoline Avantgarde 600 Turbo

Ergoline 700 Tanning

Ergoline Excellence 700

Design to improve upon the Ergoline Excellence 600; this bed includes: 51 x 160 watt lamps with an additional 4 high pressure lamps of 500 watt Ultra VITS for your face. Includes timer, air extraction, mandatory posting, auto-timer.

Power: 16.9 kW (three phase protection 3x20A). Please enquire for further details.


The wide Multi Relax base provide comfort second to none, and the innovative cockpit control makes child's play of operating all of the sunbed's functions. The 770 Espire includes 4 facial tanners and an intergrated neck tanner. Climatronic keeps the sunbed to each customer's ideal temperature throughout the session, while Aqua Fresh & Aroma adds to an especially refreshing tanning experience. The 3D Sound System with Subwoofer, MP3 dock and SD card slot will bathe your tanning session in a sea of music.

Esprie Sunbeds



The iBED is one of Strawberry Glow's largest horizontal tanning units and it's Swing technology tans every part of the face, neck, and chest using slowly rotating PowerSpot tanning lamps. Rounding out these features is the cooling sensation of Misty Breeze.

iBED Main features: Swing Facials, Misty Breeze, Mp3 Soundsystem, PowerSpot Shoulder and Neck Tanners, High impact effect lighting and many more...

Note: We pride ourselves on having some of the best SunBeds the world has to offer. In addition to the beds shown above, we also have many other SunBeds available in our salons. Please enquire at reception about which bed would best suit you.